The mission of The Potter’s House Worship Center is to encourage and develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ; We can know about God, but we can also experience Him. James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” Through a genuine love relationship with our Creator, we are well prepared to love others, serve others, spread the Good News, and magnify the name of the Lord throughout the earth. Jesus gave us a mandate to make true disciples throughout all the nations. We have made ourselves available to Him by saying, “Yes, Lord. We will go.” We say yes in our prayer and financial support to nations around the globe. May all we do glorify the name that is about every name, Jesus.


Daniel Garber
Renee Garber
Matthew Cross
Danelle Cross
This extremely active, senior/founding pastor loves to cut wood, ride his bicycle, his Scotty, Maggie, his family, and of course, Jesus Christ. His desire when planting PHWC is to assist you by encouraging you to develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
She is Dan’s wife, helped plant PHWC; she’s a Mom, a Nana, a worship leader, and a school administrator. She is passionate about encountering the Holy Spirit during worship, and every time she teaches, she encourages the people to be good Bereans. Look that up. It is in Acts 17:11. You’ll get it.
This assistant pastor is a former Deputy, School Resource Officer, a husband and father, and an official County School Board Member, with a fervent desire to see this generation find the real Jesus. He is a fiery preacher and wise counselor, and loves the Lord.
She is Matt’s wife, a Mom, and wears a ton of different hats. Nellie has a passion for the prophetic, interpreting dreams, bringing words of knowledge and wisdom. She helps lead the school, ministers in the pulpit, to the youth, plans VBS, and is our office administrator. All this wrapped up in the title, pastor.